Remote Work Mango Gummies

Effects: Delight, Stress Relief, and Body Calm

Mango 'Remote Work' Gummies - 20 piece 25mg (500mg THCO total)

Mango &
Mango &
Mango &

Mango 'Remote Work' Gummies - 20 piece 25mg (500mg THCO total)

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What's pushing your buttons? Our modern times are a little stressful. An uplifting gummy option for when you need a little 'me time'. 

Jolli Gummies are packed with 25mg of THC-O specially formulated for an ultra consistent experience, every time. 

- 25mg THC-O

- 20 count

- Ultra Consistent Dosing

- Whole plant terpenes and entourage effect.

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