The Hemp Industry Offers Another Shot for Ex-Convicts

by Michael Brown

It can be hard to reacclimate to society after incarceration. Returning citizens face quite a few challenges in the process of reintroduction. Depending on how long they have been away, they might come back to a world that is vastly different from what they left behind.

Returning citizens are not equipped to seamlessly re-enter society, as they lack the training necessary to aid in this endeavor. Training - not aptitude. We are now living in a world more digital than it is analog. Someone sent to prison fifteen years ago will have difficulty figuring out how to navigate their new normal. 

Their criminal record limits options for employment. Returning citizens are fundamentally saddled with their own scarlet letter, making it difficult to provide for themselves and their families. Worse, some companies happily hire returning potential candidates with few options, then put them on display to the public -  forcing them to relive the trauma of the prison system. 

To combat the issue, increased investment into programs assisting returning citizens is needed nationwide. We’re encouraged by the hemp industry in particular stepping up to provide opportunity to people looking for a second chance. One such company offering career options is Eternel Hemp. 

Reach out to me to learn more about Eternel’s mission to impact recidivism through the cultivation of top-tier hemp and cannabis. Let’s discuss the opportunities and programs we offer, and how we utilize the economic multiplier effect to effectively improve the neighborhoods we serve. Grow with us, and let’s write the next chapters of a more fruitful and impactful prison story together.

#civilrights #wematter #socialjustice #prisonreform #stopthebullshit

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