Desperate ApeWives (DAW) is an innovative lifestyle brand bridging the digital and physical world. Eternel Hemp has purchased one of their NFTs so we may become involved in this amazing ecosystem of commerce and all this NFT.

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We were lucky enough to come to terms with Sheila J, rising star in the Desperate Ape Wife Community. Meet Shiela J, learn about her family tree. Then try our candy. Why she think's she's perfect for the job, or any job - her freefloating anxiety, why Jolli?

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Tropical Punch 'Politically Correct' Candy - 25mg THCO Each
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Grape 'Googled An Ex' Candy - 25mg THCO Each
from $26.00

This was the first audition I've been on, and I nailed it. Hired on the spot. Makes me wonder what else I could achieve if I weren't a fictional web3 IP based character.

People are always talking about roadmaps in web3. Why don't we slow down a second k? We don't need to go anywhere. Take a Jolli and chill out.

The Apewives Anthem (feat Sheila's crew)

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