About Us

Eternel Hemp is a BIPOC owned hemp cultivation and manufacturing company. Our mission is to produce premium hemp products and leverage our success to help reduce and eliminate prison recidivism and promote healthy food options.

All Eternel Hemp products are 100% organically cultivated and manufactured in the US. Eternel Hemp has meticulously engineered & cultivated our flower and products to provide a consistent and exceptional experience every time.

We do not offer vapes or juice cartridges.


Eternel Hemp - A Brand Overview from Eternel Hemp Farms on Vimeo.


Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Cigarette (Hybrid)
THCO Bubba Kush Blunt (Sativa)
THCO Bubba Kush Cigarette (Sativa)
Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Blunt (Hybrid)
5 Pack Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Cigarettes