Letter To Richelieu Dennis



It is a pleasure to be connected with you via Hozefa - he is family and speaks very highly of you, in particular your dedicated support of our community and black owned culture.  He suggested that I send you a sampling of some of the products that we have created and produce at Eternal Hemp.

Just a little background on Eternel Hemp: my partner and I started a BIPOC owned cannabis & hemp lifestyle brand focused on curating premium experiences through our culturally connected recreational products that solve a problem in the market.  Wellness driven cannabis and hemp (CBD & derivatives) products of a premium nature at a consistently high quality focused on serving underserved communities. 

Hozefa suggested I send you some of our best products so you can personally experience them - a description of each is below:

Loosies: Organic Pre-Rolls For High Performers (GetLoosies.com)

  • Loosies are symbolic of the culture and practices of NY and other major cities. Loosies are individually packed smokes that provide a consistent consumer experience with comfortable and familiar form-factors.
  • Loosies are made from premium American grown and manufactured hemp and are marketed to busy individuals who want a daily relief while remaining connected and high functioning. 
  • Currently Loosies are sold online and in retail stores and come in 4 different hemp flavors/strains (energy, focus, creativity and relaxation). 
  • The plan for Loosies is to traverse the hemp market into the low THC space so we may  provide additional unique experiences with the product and increase brand accessibility.

LyftED: Cannabis-Hemp Drinks and Mixers (LyftedDrinks.com)

  • LyftED are reminiscent of Quarter-waters found at one's local bodega - but with a kick. Each contains hemp and hemp-derivatives that provide consumers the ability to “Join the Party and Skip the Hangover”. 
  • We engineered LyftED to be an alcohol alternative/additive that will enable consumers the ability to experience effects similar to alcohol without the uncomfortable after-effects of alcohol. All LyftED Drinks are shelf stable and made from American grown hemp and hemp-derivatives and sold both online and in retail locations.
  • The plans for LyftED are similar to Loosies, except skewing towards the party & recreational side of the THC and Hemp product landscape. 

Jōlli Edibles: Highly-engineered Cannabis-Hemp classic treats (JolliCandies.com)

  • The edibles, the gummies and candies, found within the box are still in development (marketing and branding).  
  • Jōlli Edibles are highly-engineered classic treats that provide uber-consistent effects. 
  • Jōlli Edibles range from gummies to pre-made baked goods, packaged for consistent and proper dosing.

I hope you enjoy your experience with Loosies and LyftED and would love to get any feedback on our products.  I look forward to breaking bread live at some point as a group, I am sure there are some good stories to share over some Loosies and a drink or two.    


Michael Brown

Eternel Hemp

Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Cigarette (Indica/Sativa Hybrid)
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THCO Bubba Kush Cigarette (Sativa)
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $7.00 Save $2
THCO Bubba Kush Blunt (Sativa)
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Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Blunt (Indica/Sativa Hybrid)
Sale price $10.00 Regular price $15.00 Save $5
Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Flower - (3.5 gram bag)