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Join the legal Cannabis-Hemp industry and provide your clients with premium lifestyle products that suit their style.

No up-front fees, professional fulfillment, limitless upside.

Organically Grown

Organically grown in the United States, meaning it is free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and dangerous toxins.

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Beloved & American

Loosies is an American kaleidoscopic of flavors, features and feelings providing a peaceful state of mind, every time.

What's Inside
Fighting Injustice

Every purchase provides resources to organizations who stand with us in making a change to the prison recidivism crisis.

Loosies x Recidivism
Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Cigarette (Indica/Sativa Hybrid)
THCO Bubba Kush Cigarette (Sativa)
THCO Bubba Kush Blunt (Sativa)
Delta-8 Grape Goji OG Blunt (Indica/Sativa Hybrid)

Americana The Beautiful


Loosies: Masculine On Display

I am a man.