📍Queens, NY


Sydney Ferleger can juggle. She currently sits atop The Music Playground and The Station Media on advertising row. When she's not leading, she's music supervising, producing, acting, singing... Here's what it's like to break glass ceilings, command respect as a young leader, and how she stays inspired.

Syd likes these products

I see myself as a leader first, executive second.

Pot connoseiur third if I had to say. Fourth is not sleeping.

It was boys club. Now it's a ladies establishment

Sydney is a strong stakeholder in the advertising and entertainment industries.

She is the President and Executive Producer running three successful companies at the same time: The Station, The Music Playground and The Diner.At

The Station she produces projects in entirety, from creative ideation through finishing. She has an expansive knowledge of executing live-action and still photography productions with a focus in commercial advertising and branded content.

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Work from The Music Playground

Sydney is an adept music industry leader with experience in original music creation, band and artist licensing, production music, and music supervision for advertising, television, and film.

She has even had the pleasure of singing on a broadcast McDonald's commercial.

In 2021, her companies took home many awards. The Music Playground took home 3 Clio awards, 2 Telly awards, and the shots award of The Americas: Ad of The Year - Use of Music and The Station took home 2 Clio awards.

Aside from her full-time jobs, Sydney is an active member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council.

In December of 2021, she was asked to give a guest lecture at the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment. This year, Sydney was asked to be a judge for the Telly awards.

When she's not working you can find her snowboarding the slopes of Vermont, rocking out on vocals with some local musicians, or at a live concert.